Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My first manicure

Today I took my BFF to our first manicure ever ! I did this as a present for her birthday.
I thought it was fun to do, but next time I'm going to do something more with the two of us because we couldn't talk that much. But either way it was a lot of fun and a nice experience.
Bascilly they cleand our nails very thorough. They filed our nails, did our cuticles and polished them.
with flash

And this is how my nails look after the manicure.  I would deff recommend trying it. My nails are super clean an feel soft. And I'm probably going to get a manicure again anytime soon.
The down side was when they asked if we wanted to get or nails polished. They took at a basket full with nail polishes but they weren't ordered so we couldn't choose a nail polish colour. But shine is the best choice ever because now I can see my nails !
without flash

Did you ever got a manicure?
And what are your experiences with getting a manicure?
xXx Julia

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