Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nails: Hearts and stripes

As you may read on my blog yesterday I bought some nail art nail polishes. And I was dying to try them out. So that is what I did today. Since it was my first time trying it wasn't really perfect. But I wanted to upload this 'tutorial' anywayz. Next nail tutorials will be nicer with the new nail art nail polish. - pinkie promiss-

I first applied as base coat Sally hansen's Miracle Cure Stengthener. Than I applied Sparrow me the drama [OPI] on my ring finger. And Sew psyched [Essie] on my other fingers.
After it dried I applied a guide line sticker on my nail. [From the kiss nail art set].
On the top of my nail I applied Lady in black [OPI].
And I lined around the guide line sticker with Beach pink [Kiss] & Soft blue [ Kiss].
I waited till it was dry. Than I removed the guide line sticker.
I added a nail art sticker [ Sweet romance - Essence]. And a top coat from OPI.

I will deff do more nail art with these nail art nail polishes.
And maybe I will also do a review about them.
See you soon with more,
xXx Julia

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