Sunday, March 25, 2012

Recipe: Breakfast

What you need:
  • two eggs
  • a slice of bread
  • a tomato
  • baked beans
  • a slice of cheese
  • a frying pan
  • oil
  • milk
  • salt & pepper
I first put one egg in a bowl and add a little bit of milk and salt and pepper, I stir it a little.
Than I slice the tomato in slices. I drop some drops of oil in the frying pan. Add the tomato slices and some salt en pepper. Heath the frying pan a little before you throw the egg in.  Add the other egg as well and a slice of cheese.
Stop the bread in the toaster. Wait till it's toasted and put some marmalade on it. And slice it in half.
Lay it on a plate with the eggs. Put some baked beans in the frying pan, heath it a little. And than also lay it on a plate.

And you're done !
xXx Julia

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