Saturday, March 3, 2012

Recipe: Nachos with melted cheese ( snack or dinner)

What you need:
  • A bag of nachos [I used the naturel doritos chips]
  • A lot of slices of your favorite cheese
Extra toppings:
  • Sambal
  • Sweet chili sauce
  • Red pepper
  • Jalapenos
  • beans
  • Mozzerella
  • Tomatoes

This is actually really simple to do.
If I eat it as a snack, what I did in the pictures, I just put some nachos on a plate. And a view slices of cheese on top of it. And some sweet chili sauce. And than I put it in the microwave for 40 seconds and I'm done.

But if I eat it for dinner I put a whole bag of nachos on a baking tray and put a lot of slices of cheese ontop of it. I also put some red pepper, Jalapenos, Sambal, Sweet chili sauce, Beans and tomatoes on top of it. and I put it in the stove till the cheese is melted. And I'm done !

bon app├ętit,
xXx Julia


  1. You might be interested in how I do cheese and crackers.

  2. I love nachos! Me and my boyfriend had them for dinner tonight, we put cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream on them :) They were great. I'll have to try them with sweet chilli sauce :D xx