Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: Essence Gel-look topcoat XXXL shine

Today I'm going to talk about a topcoat I bought a week ago. The Gel-look XXXL shine topcoat from Essence. It was only €1.69 so I was like why not?

 I'm not really sure why they named it gel-look topcoat. I can't see the whole gel part it just looks like a regular topcoat. But than again I have never had gel nails before. So maybe it's just me.
 I tried it on a random nail polish (Essie) and a essence nail polish.
So than I looked if it had xxxl shine, since the nail polish claims to have xxxl shine. But I couldn't spot it anywhere. I even made pictures with an extreme flash to check if it was just me or the lighting. But it wasn't ( see picture above )
A topcoat is a coat to top your nail polish and make your nail polish stay on longer. It's also suppose to prevent your nail polish from chipping.
I noticed that when I tried removing my nail polish it was harder to remove. Which means to me that it really sealed my nail polish. And will also wear off harder on a every day basis. And that's exactly what I'm looking for in a topcoat!

I would buy it if you need  a topcoat, but I wouldn't buy it for the claims.

What's your opinion?
XxX Julia

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