Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac

This very gorgeous lilac/lavender colour is from Sally hansen's Xtreme wear collection.
This is my first Sally hansen nail polish ever. I had heard from them before but I always thought that since it wasn't sold by stores nearby I wouldn't try it. But friday I discovered that they actually do sell it in a store nearby. One that I visit frequently. But the store hide the whole collection and I discovered it by accident when I was looking for a nail file. But since most of the collection was sold out or I already had the colour I decided to choose for this colour. Because my first Essie nail polish was also a lavender purple and that one is my favorite so I was like what can go wrong?
Nothing of course!
It's a very nice light lavender nail polish that dries quickly and looks fabulous. It's certainly an asset for my nail polish collection. And I'm probably going to wear it very often.

One down side is that I find the packaging kind of cheap looking well the nail polish is kind of 'expensive' [ €7.89]. But I saw that other collections of Sally hansen look a lot better.

What's your favorite colour from Sally Hansen?
xXx Julia

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