Sunday, March 25, 2012

Timex Retro Dexter Green Calculator Watch T2N239

I week ago I was looking online for new digital watch. And after a while I found one on At first I couldn't decide if I wanted the green, blue or pink one. But I eventually went with green. [Dexter green]
The box was all dusty. But the packaging inside the box was very nice and woowie.
The design of the watch is from 1980. But with the dust and all on the box I would also believe it if they told me the watch was made in the 80's.
I actually scored the watch in sale. It use to be £79.99 and I got it for £11.00.
The watch has a basic calculator and a light to see the number when it's dark. It also has a date and alarm on it. The only thing I miss in this watch is that it doesn't talk. And the strap is a bit to big, while it's a kids/woman wear.  But further it's like a dream come true for the inner-geek in me, haha.

I used to have a white digital watch that talked. It was [better say is] my favorite watch ever. But the strap  broke. And it doesn't want to talk anymore.
And since you can't get them any more I decided that I wanted to try a new one. [ A view years ago you could by them everywhere in every possible color (combination)].

And I'm really happy with my new watch. And I know a lot of people might think it's ugly but I honestly don't care! [Also it's probably going to be in style again... like last time -winks- ]

xXx Julia

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