Saturday, April 21, 2012

Benefit - Bella bamba

I know this blush has been out in the stores for forever but I still decided to do this review. I remember when it came in the benefits stores around this time last year. I tried it on and wasn't impressed. I was more into light pinks or reds. And this one is quite a dark pink compared to Well dressed [MAC], Coralista [Benefit], Dallas [Benefit] or Peach twist [MAC].
I did like the formula of the blush, like I do with every benefit blush and bronzer.
Then that summer I bought Super Orgasm [NARS] and was in love with the pink and gold sparkles. [ I have only worn Super orgasm ever since.]

And when my Grandparents gave me Bella Bamba for christmas & I retried it on my cheeks I was like this blush is PERFECT I should have had it all along!
Bella bamba has just like Super orgasm gold glitters in it, it's only a bit darker. And I also believe that they have somewhat the same under tone which makes these a perfect match!
Anywayz here are some swatches:

Click for a bigger picture.
I swatched it on a tinted base.

You can really see the pink and the gold sparkles in the blush. I love to wear it on a base or foundation because it really brings out the color in this blush.

Because I have a light skin tone I only wear it on my cheekbones. On the apples of my cheek I wear Super orgasm.

I always wear this combination on my cheeks when I wear eyeshadow or foundation.

What's your favourite Benefit blush?
xXx Julia

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