Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter nails

With easter around the corner I decided to polish my nails in the easter mood.
In the left photo and the photo underneed I did a bunny and a chicken with an egg-shell on it's head. I decided to use the colors Purple/lilac, white and black because it's gives me a very easter feeling.
On the picture on the right I did the same chicken with egg-shell only I decided that this chick was still in it's egg-shell. I also made an easter egg - kind of thing. [ I have seen this a lot on easter eggs in other countrys but in my country they always have crazy coloured dots.]

Bunny :
I first painted my nails white with White lie from Topshop and waited till it was completely dry. Than I made a line with my purple art nail polish and I 'france manicured the top with Lacey Lilac from Sally Hansen. Than I draw two small lines for the ears and made them a little rounder and bigger [with my purple nail art nail polish]. I used a black nail art nail polish for the eyes and the nose.

Chicken with egg-shell:
First I polished my nails with Lacey Lilac from Sally Hansen, I waited till it was completely dry. Than I made on the top [or bodem depending on where you want your egg-shell] white triangles that cross each other at the bottom of the triangle. I draw with black the eyes and I did another triangle as beak.

Easter egg:
I first polished my nails with White lie from topshop, I waited till it was completely dry. Than I made two semi triangle lines with purple. I did the same line with black in between the purple lines. Than with silver glitter. And than with blue I did some random dots.

For nail art nail polishes I used Kiss [ in the colors Soft purple, Black, White, Silver glitter & Soft blue]

Happy easter,
xXx Julia

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