Sunday, April 22, 2012

Essence Nail art stickers; Sweet romance, Crazy Chick, Bling bling & Bad girl

Today I'm going to talk about the Essence nail art stickers.
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I bought each of these nail art stickers for €1.29, which isn't that expensive because you get a lot of stickers.
I have them in Sweet romance, Crazy chick, Bling bling & Bad girl. They have many different stickers. I found them very cute.
 On valentine's day I wore a lot of the Crazy chick heart shaped ones on my nails. Only down side was that most of the hearts wear gone by the end of the day, not sure if I sealed my nails with a top coat or not.
But the one I'm wearing in the picture stays on quite long, with a topcoat of course!

With the ones from Bling bling it doesn't really matter if you wear them with a topcoat at the end of the day it's gone. But it's great for a party or something because it holds long enough to steal the show with your nails!

Another down side of these cute nail art stickers is that they look gorgeous on light nails but as soon as you use a dark nail polish underneed them the see through part of the sticker shows.
Other than that they look amazingly cute!
On this picture I wear Bad girl. The nail polish underneed is  W.I.C. Herome in the colour Guatemala City.
I really like how easy you can use these nail stickers to turn your nails around and make them adorable & girly.
Despite of the down sides I found them worth my money and I still buy them and use them.

What are your favourite Nail art stickers from Essence?
xXx Julia

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