Monday, April 9, 2012

Fashion tag

Favourite accessory?
One of my big rings, at this moment my big bow ring.
Describe your style
Glitters, white, lace, bows, pink & pearls.
Favourite jeans, sunglasses & heels?
My pink pants [ I don't wear jeans], my micheal kors sunglasses ofcourse haha & my Dune glitter heels !!!!!!!!!!!
Favourite designer?
Don't really have one, but I always like chanels collection.
Favourite fabric?
Favourite shop?
Topshop, H&M.
What do you always have on?
My glitter bow and pearl earrings.
Who influenced you to make beauty videos?
Juicystar07, but to be honest I don't  watch her anymore.
Favourite fashion guru?
Carlycristman and my sister. [ and other fashion videos I watch]
Favourite model?
I don't really have one.... -sad face-
Your top fashion tip
One print at the time.
One black / white item at the time. [but one black and one white item together is -thumbs up-]
&& ALWAYS be yourself and wear what you like nomatter what !!

xXx Julia

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