Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Full finish lipstick, Rumor by Benefit cosmetics

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite lipsticks of the moment.

It's benefits Full finish lipstick in the colour Rumor. It's a very pink lipstick with a golden tone to it, which makes this lipstick quite unique. Because I have a lot of pink lipsticks in my collection and nothing is similar to this one.

Of course is the packaging of this benefit lipstick is very cute, it also came with a quote that I LOVE ; 'If at first you don't succeed.. apply more lipstick!' ~ Gabbi

I swatched it twice on my hand, one small swatch and one bigger. This picture is with flash and I think it really shows the beauty of the lipstick.

And this swatch is without flash. As you can see the pink is quite nude at the same time.
Tadaa, like you wouldn't expect this one, here I'm wearing the lipstick on my lips. As you can see it really goes with my skintone, but to be honest I think this colour would be lovely with every skintone.
This lipstick is quite easy to apply and really soft for your lips. I applied it without a mirror on the picture and as you can see it still looks need and perfect.

What I also like about this lipstick is that you can mix it up with different lipglosses for different lip colors.

And even with a very red lipgloss [like this one from MAC - Russian red] you can still see the pink and the gold shine.

What's your favourite Full finish lipstick from Benefit?
xXx Julia

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