Sunday, April 8, 2012

Haul: H&M, OPI, Asos & magazines...

This week another haul, as you can see I didn' bought a lot but enough to update you all.
Unless you follow me on instagram or twitter then you're already up to date, haha spam spam.
I bought a huge bow ring on for £6.00 and I'm totally in love with it!

I also came across some very nice pants in the H&M, they're kind of simuliar to the ones I show on the picture but mine are a lighter brown. I scored them for €19.99 and they came with a simple belt.

Then I went to sephora to look for a mintish blue nail polish when I saw the color 'Thanks a windmillion' from OPI. At first I didn't know that it was from the holland collection until I saw the name. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted it because it looks really different in the bottle than it does on your nails but after some thinking I decided that I actually wanted this color. So I bought it and I''m really glad that I did. [swatches later] [ €11.90]

I also decided to buy some magazines, since I barely/never buy them. I bought the new People stylewatch, Seventeen & Astronomy. [Let me know what your favorite magazine is because I don't really have one but I do want to read some and I'm not sure if I like magazines that have more ads than articles ( like people stylewatch & seventeen ).]

And this was basically my whole haul,
xXx Julia

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