Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nail trends - Summer 2012

Hello Sweethearts,
[ Did you see that I started my blog post with something more than just Hello, hihi]
Today I want to show you my new nail look, that I'm wearing at the moment, & talk about some nail trends.
I have seen a lot of different trends in magazines & I'm not going to talk about them all but if you follow my nail posts/pictures you can still see them, probably, all.
click on the picture for a larger version.
One of the new trends is to wear more then one nail polish color on your nails. The trend of wearing more than one color is a trend that has been going on for a while, ring finger a different color then your other fingers for instance.
The trend this summer is to wear on all your nails a different color.
And I really like this trend because now I don't have to choose which nail polish I can wear, because now I can wear 5 different colors at once.
I choose to put a 'rhythm' in my version of this look. So I wear bright colors mixed with darker colors. On my pinkie I wear White lie [Topshop]. On my ring finger I wear Pedal to the metal [Sally hansen] with on my left hand A cut above ontop of it & on my right hand a 'moustache' & Save me [OPI]. On my middle finger I wear You belong to me [Essence]. On my index finger I wear Bangle Jangle [Essie]. & last but not least I wear on my Thumb Sew Psyched [Essie].

Another trend I have heard of is to match your nail polish with your make up. I'm not sure how much time some people have in the mornings but I honestly don't think I like this trend very much.
But I do get the trend because it looks really gorgeous if you wear red lipstick everyday and polish your nails red to go along with it. Same goes for pink lipstick.
 But it's going to be so boring when  you barely wear make up and match your nails with that wearing nude nail polish.
Also I wear a lot of smokey eyes and I don't have a nail polish matching any of those colors, besides black and white but those are way to hard to look similar to my eyes.

I also I'm not really a fan of matching in general because it can go so wrong or look so ugly.

On the other hand I have seen something and I think is very awesome. One of my friends had the same hair color as the nail polish Fly from OPI. So I decided to polish that persons nails matching with that persons hair. And I should have taken a picture because it looked so awesome.
So if they changed the whole matching your nail polish look it may be a very awesome , because I do would wear a nail polish matching my eye color. [ So if you know a brand that sells a hazel colored nail polish please let me know !]

& what is your favourite nail trend of the moment?
Let me know in the comments bellow
xXx Julia

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