Sunday, April 15, 2012

New York Color: Mint Macaroon.

A view days ago I bought my first NYC product ever. It's this semi mint green nail polish, Mint Macaroon. I couldn't decide if I wanted the really flashy mint green nail polish from Sally Hansen or this one from NYC. Obviously I choose the NYC nail polish, because of two reasons. Reason one, it was only €2.99. And reason two, I already have a very flashy mint green but I barely wear it, so I can predict that I probably won't wear a flashier mint green.
I really like the color of this nail polish, especially on my nails. It's mint green but it isn't like WOOW mint green, like Candy mint apple [Essie].
Mint Macaroon is from the NYC City sweets collection, which means it's limited.

What I don't like about this nail polish, I'm going to be really honest about this. Is that it's way to liquid, which means that it isn't easy to apply. It's also quite striky and doesn't dry that quick.That's the reason why my nails look so messy on the picture.
But the color is very strong so you don't  need that many layers. Also when it's dry and on your nails it looks very pretty and stays on very well.

So that's overall my opinion.
Let me know what you think,
xXx Julia

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