Thursday, April 26, 2012

No room for the blues & Shorts story are the perfect couple!

Hello Sweethearts,

Yes yes yes, two of my nail polishes started dating. And I'm really exciting, the result these two nail polishes give is perfect for the summer!
I remember that I bought them separately. I first bought No room for the blues, because I wanted a blue nail polish. But when I came home I was like WHY?!?!?!?! I'm never going to wear this shade blue.
Same story for Shorts story. But than they met in my hand this week I was like OMG this is the perfect combination. I feel so stupid for never holding these two nail polishes together before.

I polished one hand with No room for the blues and I dotted Shorts story on top of it. I then went in with a black nail polish and striped around the dots.

I did the same with my other hand only than I first applied Shorts story. And I dotted No room for the blues.
I really love how it looks, everytime I look at my nails I'm like this is perfect.

My honest opinion, OPI should sell these together as a couple !

Let me know in the comments,
If you two have two nail polishes that are currently dating!
xXx Julia

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