Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pedal to the metal - Sally Hansen

I have been eyeing one nail polish for a week and a view days ago I decided to just buy it. The nail polish is Pedal to the metal by Sally Hansen.
At first I wasn't sure if it was a silver nail polish or a silver one with a pink tone to it. But when I came home I was like sh*t this is silver and I already have a gorgeous silver nail polish !
Then I applied it to my nails. Big shock because this one has a very large brush which means that you apply way more nail polish, which ment for me that my  finger was covered by the nail polish. [ instead of only my nail.]

I still wasn't sure after wearing it a day if it was just a metallic silver or if it had a pink tone to it.
I even applied my other silver nail polish [ Her majesty - Rimmel] to my pinkie to compare.

But then I walked outside in the sun and I saw clearly the pinkness in this silver nail polish. Which made me really happy because it's very hard to find a metallic nail polish that has pink in it. [ I already have eyes of steel by Topshop, a metallic with purple and pink in it.]

I also love to wear this nail polish with Save me [ OPI ] on top of it or A cut above [Essie].

Overall I like the nail polish, after you get use to the big brush it's a lot easier to apply. It looks streaky in the beginning but after it dryed it isn't streaky anymore. I also love this bottle a lot more than from my other Sally hansen nail polish, it looks less cheap. And it also contains more nail polish. This one was €10,90 [and the other one I got was like €7.90]
And the important thing is that it doesn't chip that fast, it stays on perfect even without a top coat.

See you soon with another nail polish,
xXx Julia

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