Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Princess Prunella by Essence

On saturday I scored two new nail polishes from Essence. I went for bold and crazy and quite outside my comfort zone. This one isn't that extreme yet, I just went for a brownish color. [but the post of tomorrow will be !] - Yes brown is outside my comfort zone if it comes to nails -
Click for a bigger & better quility picture
This nail polish is brown with a purple tone to it. Which makes it perfect for me because I love purple nail polishes!
Overall the nail polish looks gorgeous on your nails. It may not be an eye catcher but it's gorgeous.
With a lot of sunlight
The application of this nail polish is quite good. It only needed two layers and isn't streaky.
I do recommend this nail polish to everyone, it's  nice to have it in your collection. Even if you're only going to wear it once, it's only €1.29.

xXx Julia

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