Friday, April 6, 2012

Recipe: Fruitshake

I normally don't make fruitshakes or whatever. If I drink them I always drink them in a restaurant or my mom makes them for me, hihi. But today I saw a video from lacesandruffles in which she made a fruit shake so I was like I want a fruitshake.... And one thing let to another and before I knew it I just blended every piece of fruit I could find in my house. Also some celery.
That's when I decided to share this simple 'recipe'  -winks-

What you need:
  • An orange
  • An apple
  • A banana
  • Milk
  • celery
Slice everything in pieces and than add the milk so it I will be more liquid. Or do it like I did with a hand blender, the milk will make it easier to blend. And your done. I find it super delicious ! Hope you find it delicious to [& try it]

- Also I put one piece of orange on top of my shake -

Do you have a fruitshake recipe
 you want me to try?
then let me know!
xXx Julia

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