Friday, April 6, 2012

TAG: 19 Random Facts♡

Today I decided to do the 19 random facts tag, just because this one is kind of different from all the others tags. Instead of questions you have to write [or say if you're a video vlogger] 19 random facts about yourself. And I thought why not do this.

1. I excatly know what I want and what I don't want, you can try to change my mind but it's propably a waste of time.
2. I like my hair best when I can just roll out of bed with perfect hair. [yes I could / can / do it most of the time]
3. I love fruit & especially oranges !
4. I like to be myself and do my own thing.
5. I may look like a girly girl but for real I'm kind of a geek/nerd.
6. I have more boys as friends than girls.
7. I have had/ still have an big love for hamburgers, I can't live a month without eating one.
8. I love shrimps and fish and seafood.
9. I just love food ! Most people don't expect it because I'm 'thin'.
10. I sleep with my tv on.
11. I'v always wanted to study astronomy/ astrophysics [since I was little].
12.  I like so many tv shows that if I would mention them all it will propbaly take over an hour [or even a day.]
13. is my favorite number.
14. I like blue better than pink but I wear pink more.
15. I use to dye my hair in crazy colors like purple or blue or 'high lights' bright green, dark purple, light/dark blue and pink.
16. My natural hair colour is blond but blacks feels more natural to me.
17. I have always loved glitters. I remember from when I was little that I always had t-shirt with glitters on them.
18. I do believe in true love and fate.
19. is how old I am at the moment.

And now I tag you to also do this fun tag !
xXx Julia

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