Monday, April 9, 2012

Tutorial: Cat eye & a smokey eye combined

Yesterday when I was doing a new make up look I decided that I needed to do a tutorial again. [I know I haven't done one in ages.]
So I decided to do a blog version, instead of a video.

I call it Cat eye and a smokey eye combined because I did with my eye liner a cat eye and with my eye shadow a smokey eye. [yeah very original I know !]

I start of with applying a base on my eye lids.
I used as base my painterly paint pot from MAC. [I first applied liquid foundation and then powder foundation and after that I applied the base.]
Then I applied my Sephora liquid eyeliner very close to my eye lashes. I love to use this eyeliner for precise lines because the brush is very small. [in the color black]
I used my L'oreal super liner in the color black to make my liner a lot thicker and wing my eyeliner out. [ do this in the way you like it, I did my wing more up than really out. ]
I waited till the eyeliner dried and I then applied the left eyeshadow from Exotic dance NARS, the whitish color. I did this with my Sephora 15 brush. I also applied the darker goldish color in the outer corner of my eye, I also did this with my Sephora 15 brush.
After this I re applied my L'oreal eye liner.

I used Where there's smoke from Benefit in my outer corner / crease. I applied the eyeshadow with my Sigma E45.
And as last step I used an eyelash curler and I applied Sephora's Advanced lash booster on my eyelashes.

On my cheeks I was wearing Super orgasm & Bella Bamba from Benefit [ Applied with a MAC 131 & a MAC 150]
And on my lips I was wearing Dior addict ultra-gloss pearl 257

I hope I can soon film a tutorial again,
Because I really miss it.
And I use to do it all the time!

xXx Julia

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