Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tutorial: Cupcake nails

Yesterday during my homework I was doing my nails and I decided to make cupcakes on the nails of my left hand. [ I will post a blogpost about the nails of  my right hand tonight or tomorrow.]
And I decided that I wanted to show you step by step how I made my cupcakes.
So this is how my nails look at the moment, I couldn't get my self to remove the easter bunny so I let that one stay on my nails.
I started of with chipskip [OPI] and I applied half way my nail Royal Flush Blush. I applied Thanks a windmillion [OPI] on my index finger and ring finger. And on my thumb and pinkie I applied Glimmer [ Topshop].
Than I applied a white line in between the two nail polishes, I used the nail polish White lie [ Topshop.]
For the next steps I use my Kiss nail art precise nail polishes.
I used my white precise nail polish to create a creamy top on the white line. By making circles and depping with the small brush.
And I made the lines for the cupcake wrapper with my black precise nail polish. I just followed the white under line and lined it out to the end of my nails.
Than I added the sprinkles by dotting with my precise nail polishes in the colors Soft purple, Soft blue and Beach pink [a see through pink nail polish]. And than I applied a thin layer of  Much adored [MAC] as some kind of frosting on the cupcake . [ I saw this in another cupcake tutorial but I think that I will leave that step out the next time because it may give some shimmer but from a distance it doesn't look that good.]
And as last step I used my pink precise nail polish to make a dot ontop of the cupcake as cherry.

I hope you try it,
Because if you do I would
love love love love
to see some pictures !
xXx Julia

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