Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wanne be your sunshine by Essence

A view days ago I tweeted this picture :
Wanne be your sunshine, Frozen queen & Princess prunella.

And I called it the nail polishes that are 'outside my comfort zone', especially the yellow & the brown one. I swatches and wrote a blog post on Frozen queen & princess prunella the past two days.
And today I'm doing a story on the Wanne be your sunshine. 
This is a crazy yellow and I didn't know that to expect.
I re-applied it twice, even though it's very colorfull it's also a very senstive nail polish. I used hand cream 30 minutes before I applied this nail polish. And still the nail polish dripped right of my nails.
I recommend that if your going to wear this nail polish you first wash your hands. Use something like chipskip by OPI. And start of with a thin streaky layer. Layer it with a second layer after the first layer dried. That should give you the best result. - That's what I did the second time I applied this nail polish.-

Further I have to say that this looks better than I expected. I'm deff going to wear this nail polish at least once this summer!

Which nail polish are you planning to wear
this summer?
Let me know in the comments.
xXx Julia