Sunday, May 27, 2012

The amazing spiderman mini's [Swatches & Review]

Hello Sweethearts,
As promissed the swatches & review of the Amazing spiderman collection mini's.

First of all I'm totally in love with the packaging. I partly bought it because of the packaging.

The mini's on the other hand are very small together they contain as much as one big bottle from OPI.
But they're cute.

From left to right; Your web or mine? , Just spotted the Lizard!, Into the night, Number one Nemesis.
To be honest I HATE the small brushes, the application of them is horrible. You barely get any nail polish on your nails, it's streaky && it creases.
But I do like the colors a lot.

So I decided to buy the big bottles of Just spotted the Lizard! & Number one Nemesis because I like those the most.

xXx Julia

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