Saturday, May 5, 2012

Border Nail Manicure

Hello Sweethearts,
A few day ago I tweeted that I saw someone wearing a Border Nail Manicure. I thought that it looked very cute. So I decided to try it out on my own nails.
Only instead of black lines around my nails I decided to got for white. And because my nails aren't perfectly straight [they are more round] I decided to do an extra line of glitter to make the pink more square.
So as you can see it doesn't look that fabulous on every nail. I think the thumbs look okay, but the other fingers are just yuk -sad face-.
My thumb on the right hand.

The thumb on my left hand.

&& here comes the worste part, I RUN OUT OF NAIL POLISH REMOVER. So I have to walk with these nails untill I buy new nail polish remover. Lucky for me my thumbs still look okay, so I can still give people a thumbs up, haha.

Nail polishes I used for this new do:
  • Guatemala city, W.I.C. by Herôme.
  • White, Kiss nail art paint.
  • Silver Glitter, Kiss nail art paint.

Let me know in the comment below
what yout think of my nails at the moment,
If you like Border nail manicures or not?

xXx Julia

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  1. Absolutely brilliant blog!!! Glad I found it! You're pretty amazing! Looking forward to seeing more from you! Have a great weekend!