Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY: Hair mask / Hot oil treatment

Hello Sweethearts,

Today I'm going to show you how you make your own hair mask / Hot oil treatment. It's very easy!

You can easily make a hair mask with just applying some olive oil in your hair an hour before you wash your hair.

But you can also turn it around using more oils and heathing it up.
And that is excatly what I did last night.

I used; Olive oil, Corn oil, salad dressing mix of Lemon and olive oil, Thai fish sauce & Coconut body butter from the Body shop.

This depends on your mood and which oils are in your kitchen.  As you can see I went a little crazy because I don't have that many different oils in my kitchen. I't's just trying out and finding what works best for you. Every oil has it's on qualities. A friend of mine, Chantelle wrote a blog post about it. So if you want to know which oil is effective for the hair treatment you want click here.

And yes I used body butter in my hair last night, because I wanted the smell of coconut.

I put the oils and body butter together in bowl. I made sure that the amount of every oil was the same.

This picture is from before I put the bowl in the microwave to hit it up.
I also added some water. Otherwise it's going cook before you can even hit the on button of your microwave.

This picture is from after the bowl went into the microwave. Make sure it's stirred well. 
Than just apply it to your whole hair.
I let it sit for 5 minutes and than applied some extra olive oil to make sure every hair was covered with oil.
Than I waited for 15 - 30 minutes and I washed my hair.
My hair felt quite heavy after the shower. [And when I say heavy I mean heavy. Because I have had 170 extensions - 50 cm- in my hair and I didn't feel a differents.]

The next morning when my hair was dry it looked like this:

It feels a bit ticker, it smells delicious - coconut smell yes!- .
It just looks as shinny as it always does and it feels as soft as it always does. [my hair is always soft and shinny, well most of the time.]
Even though the picture doesn't really show that because of the bright flash.

And here is the front of my hair. Nohting more to add expect that you should definitely try it out!

xXx Julia