Monday, May 28, 2012

Haul: H&M, Topshop, Amazon & OPI

Hello Sweethearts,
Yes I know I just uploaded a haul video. But most of the stuff I showed you I have already shown on here week(s) before I filmed the video.
&& the weather has changed since than, it's very warm outside. [ A little bird told me the good weather will be gone by Tuesday. I heard this AFTER I went shopping.  but one way or another it's still summer!]

I first went to H&M because I wanted summer dresses. I have been eyeing the green dress with the pink belt for months now & I finally decided to buy it. I like it alot, the picture doesn't show it but it really suits my figure. The dress was €24.90, size xs.
The second dress I saw on a mannequin & I started screaming CHERRY DRESS I WANT THE CHERRY DRESS while running through the store. And when I found the dress I saw that it weren't cherries at all but little red and blue flowers. Still like it, apparently I wasn't the only one because size 36 was sold out. So I went for size 34 since the length of the dress wasn't different on a bigger size. The dress is a little short but very cute, the back is adorable too.... BAM BAM BAM to be continued in one of my fashion videos.... haha
The dress was €14.90

I also bought these dotting tools a week ago on for less than two pounds. I can't wait till they arrive. It was a one time offer because now their back at five pounds. But I saw other sellers who also sold them for less than two pounds.

Okay so the next item, you can guess from the picture above because it is the item haha. Is something it fits with my love for comfort also I don't like showing my bra's above my outfit. That's why I really wanted Bandeau's. But non of the stores sold them in my country so I decided to go on a hunt online. Carly Cristman bought hers at urban outfitters but those wear a little to expensive for an online order. didn't have what I was looking for. But topshop had exactly what I was looking for.  So I ordered them on topshop ten pounds each and I can't wait to try them out.

Last but not least I order Just spotted the lizard! from OPI. I couldn't wait till my crazy ass Sephora got them in. Because my sephora is weird/ a mess it takes forever before they start to sell items. And when they didn't receive the whole collection they claime that it's 'sold out'. But eventually when they do receive the whole collection they sell it for months. Because apparently now one wants to buy something that was so wanted that it sold out within a day.

I do consider buying more colors in the store though. But Spotted the lizard was on number one since I have wanting a similiar color by chanel for over a half year now. And you have to admid OPI is cheaper than Chanel.

I hope you liked this 'little' haul

xXx Julia

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