Saturday, May 12, 2012

Haul !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Sweethearts,
Yes another Haul ! You will probably think, Julia your exams start  this Monday why aren't you learning? Well I have been learning a lot lately and I was like I need a little break, just some relaxing.
So that was what I did yesterday on a fair with my mother and sister.
I have been their every year since the past six years.

I'm kind of proud of myself because this year I didn't went insane like last year[s].

At the Sally Hansen stand their was a sale 3 products for €15. I scored Sally Hansens Diamond Flash - fast dry Top coat & Sally Hansens Diamond shine Base and Top coat. [ I already have another base coat from Sally Hansen which I love more than any other coat.]
My sister choose the 3th product. We got a handcream for free, also from Sally Hansen.
Both Sally hansen nail polishes that I scored are in the shops around the €15 - € 18.

I also scored some Tilly's nail polishes. On their website they cost about €10 -€12 and I got them for €5,50.
They had a lot of colors and I couldn't choose - confession : I WANTED THEM ALL -
I asked the lady to swatch all the colors, and told her that I already looked on their website and that I was impressed.
In the end I went for the three colors Sparkling Bronze, Heavenly mud & Tropical strom.

I already swatched Heavenly Mud for you:

I'm going to do a nail art on my ring finger with my new Izgo Nail design.

That I also scored for €10,- . They have lots of different sets but I decided to go for the one with red, blue, green & pink.
They have a brush and a squeeze pen. I just used the red and they are really easy to use.
I even did a better job with my left hand than my right hand, normally it's the other way around haha.

I also bought three different bio teas, Lemon Honey, Pomegranate raspberry & Orange mint.

I also bought some frozen yogurt, I tried it for the first time in my life. I was really surprised by the taste, but I did like it.

My mom already ate a bit when I looked the other way, I wanted to take a picture.
And than she was like sorry... And she kept 'fixing' it with my spoon and touching it. And when I wanted to take a picture she was like I will hold it. And than she kept moving it. hahahaha
In other words I should have bought my mom some frozen yogurt too, even though she said she didn't want it.

And this is how my bed looked at the end of this day. The things on the right are the stuff from the goody bag. It came with free non-alcoholic beer, haha. And I also got a free chicory.

I'm really happy and I had a great day, I always love doing this with my mom and sister.
I'm going again next year with my mom.

xXx Julia

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