Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pictures of the swap with Chantellefashion

Hello Sweethearts,
A view days ago I received my swap box and here are the pictures!

The box with the wrapping still on it.

Unwrapped. She painted the box, very cool.
My mom really liked the box and the presents, hihi.

The box when I just opened it.

The super sweet notes she wrote me.
If you want to read them to, just click on the picture.

A gorgeous Baolishi lipgloss, with flowers and stones.
Water shine 3D color pearls with vitamine E.
In the color 11.

The Le Femme Lipstick, that smells AMAZING.
In the color Real Rosy [ number 27 ].

The Le Femme trio blush,
Saffron London eyeshadow,
MUA Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette,
MUA lipbalm in Sweet kiss,

CR nail polish in the color: 16
MUA red nail varnish, shade 8

The beauty chocolate face mask,
Glitter nail file

Revlon 933 Emerald City
Revlon 910 Barely peach.

I captured my reaction on video

So If you want to know how I reacted on these awesome gifts check my youtube video,

Also If you want to know what I send to Chantelle,

Than watch her youtube video or read her blog.

Thanks for reading/watching
xXx Julia

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  1. All of them look great! Was the baolishi lipgloss sticky? I'm interested in buying one but don't have any clues..