Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MUA Heaven and earth palette Review & Swatches


Today I'm showing you the swatches of the MUA Heaven and earth palette. & I share my opinion about the palette.
I know that there are already a bizilion reviews & swatches on this palette. But I still want to share my opinion.

This palette comes with 12 nude brownish colors. Which gives a lot possibilities for different looks.
I bet you can even make a very smokey not nude eye with this palette.

with room lighting

I swatched all the colors. I used for the first row an eyeshadow base because those colors are a bit lighter. The darker colors didn't really need an eyeshadow base to be pigmanted.

I really love how some are shimmery and some are matt. By just looking at the swatches I can come up with a lot of different creations.
The lighter eyeshadows are a lot more pigmanted on your eyelids than they look on my arm.

Normally I use high end make up brands like MAC or benefit because I have had a lot of bad experience with cheap eyeshadows. They ruined my brushes or they got really dirty really quick or they ended up everywhere but on my eyelids after an hour.

However this eyeshadow isn't high end but NOTHING from the things above happend. It's actually just as good as MAC or Benefit! And this really surprised me.

Also I have heard a lot of people complain about the packaging of this eyeshadow palette. To be honest I don't get it. I love it because it looks simple. I don't have a lot of palettes but the ones I do have [ too faced, Benefit, Urban Decay, Sleek] aren't better than this one. I even think some of them are a little to much.

I don't wear a lot of make up lately, simply because I don't have the time to apply it or I don't feel like applying it.
But when I wear make up I wore this look a lot, I also wore it in my videos.

I used the the first eyeshadow from left on the first row for my inner corner.
I used the thrid eyeshadow from left on the second row for my lid and my outer corner.
&& I used the first three colors from the right [second row] in my crease.

[for eyeshadow base I used MAC painterly paint pot ]

What's your favourite combination?
xXx Julia

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