Friday, May 4, 2012

My exercise outfits.

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I decided to show you the outfits I wear when I'm exercising.

If you follow me on twitter you already know that I do Yoga on Wednesdays & Pilates on Thursdays.
Besides that I also have 45 minutes of gymnastics at school, on Mondays.

I wear sweatpants from Nike with a puma exercise top. Or sport 'leggings' from the H&M with a puma exercise top, depending on the weather.
At first I only wore my sweatpants and my exercise top. But than I decided that I was going to jog, and that's when I bought the sport 'leggings' from H&M.
The weather wasn't that nice when I bought the leggings, so I decided to first try them out at Yoga & Pilates. And that's when I discovered how much I like these leggings from Yoga & Pilates. So now I wear them during those exercises.
And who knows maybe I decide to wear the leggings when I start jogging this summer.

During gymnatics at school I wear my sweatpants and oversized Batman shirt.
Because gymnatics at my school not only means early on the Monday morning but also means boys, boys, boys and maybe 3 to 4 girls.

I also love to wear my sequins sweaters on my way to Yoga or Pilates, looking fabulous. - Yes I tweeted this picture before - winks--

How much do you exercise in a week?
And what do you wear while your exercising?
xXx Julia

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