Friday, May 11, 2012

My favourite Japanese snack.

Hello Sweethearts,

Today I'm going to talk about my new favourite Japanese snack.
I'm not sure how it's called, because it's all in Japanese & I can't translate it nor find it in english on their website. [ ].

They come with six mini bags. And the only thing I could translate was that they are [ 100% ] made of edamame beans.
Japanese restaurants always have a lot of delicious things from these beans on their menu, like dessert or just a small meal.
So I was like let's try this out !

And it's soo delicious, my mom even took two bags when I just opened it because she like it so much.
They kind of taste like crisps, salty and the way they feel in your mouth, but without the greasy/oily-ness.

I bought these at an asian supermarket nearby & Saturday I'm going to buy more.
If you ever see it in a supermarket I would deff recommend buying it because you will be surprised by how delicious this snack is !

&& of course I also bought a lot of tea. I can never leave the asian supermarket without buying tea, hihi.

Do you have a favourite Japanese snack?
Leave it in the comments
Because I'm in for more!
xXx Julia

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