Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nails: From a metallic pink to a metallic purple with a hint of magic

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm going to show you how I created these awesome nails!

The nail polishes that I used fore this look:

  • Miracle Cure, Sally Hansen
  • Pedal to the Metal, Sally Hansen
  • Eyes of steel, Topshop
  • It's my year, O.P.I.
  • A cut above, Essie

I start of with a base coat, I used Sally hansen's Miracle Cure.
Then I apply two thin layers of Pedal to the metal [Sally Hansen]. I wait till it's completely dry.

Then I take a sponge. I drip a little bit Eyes of steel on a paper. And dep the sponge in the nail polish.
I then dep Eyes of steel, with the sponge, on the upper half of my nails.

I do the exact same thing with It's my year, only than I dep the nail polish only on the top of my nails.
Wait till it's completely dry.

As last step I apply A cut above on my whole nail, as a top coat. This creates a really sparkle pink look.

xXx Julia

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