Friday, May 18, 2012

Nails: Sparkling Bronze with a red bow.

Hello Sweethearts,

Today I'm finally showing the swatch of Sparkling bronze by Tilly's nail polish.

I'm super in love with this nail polish, out of the three Tilly's nail polishes that I got I thought that this would be my least favourite but it's actually my favourite.
This one will deff be in my top ten favourite nail polishes of the moment !

It's so simple and but at the same time their glitters in it. It goes perfect with every outfit/look.

I used for a Base & Top coat Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat by Sally Hansen.

I also did a little nail art on my nails. A red filled in bow on my left ring finger.

And a red outlined bow on my right ring finger.

The nail polish overall doesn't chip that fast as long as you only applied a very thin layer. [yes this is so pigmented that it's one very very thin coat!]

xXx Julia

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