Sunday, May 6, 2012

Relaxing on sunday

Hello Sweethearts,
To night I dyed my roots, because I was almost blond again.... haha.
And I decided to turn it into a beauty and relax evening.
So instead of applying a moisturizer, to prevent my face from getting a color too, I decided to apply a chocolate face mask.

I really love how handy this one is, I can just drop it in my bag and easily carry it to where ever I want it to be. And Also the packaging is super cute ! ' zero calories' haha, if you want to read the back just click on the picture, it will become bigger and easier to read.
And yes this face mask really smells like chocolate.

My dad always dyes my hair for me. And today he was like fight the blond.
[he found a few really blond sections in my hair. ]

And I also decided to use my friday night skin care routine.

My friday night skin care routine looks like this:
A foaming cleanser,
A face scrub,
L'oreal perfect clean, the orange one, for every skintype,
The garnier pure active exfobrusher
Yes to carrots moisturizer.

My normal skin care routine looks like this:
L'oreal perfect clean, the white one, deep cleaner
Lush Vanishing cream.

But today I decided to use my lush vanishing cream with my friday skincare routine.
[ Instead of Yes to carrots ]

For my hair I used the shampoo from Lush, Big.
My conditionair is also from Lush & tonight I decided to use Veganese.
[normally I use retread.]
I also used a spray in conditionair,
sometimes I use a brand from the hair dresser and sometimes I use one from
the supermarket.
They both do the same, strengthen and repair.

I also always use the Schwarzkopf anti - frizz lotion to give my hair that extra boost.

Some scented / glitter candles and a warm bed make this evening complete.

Nighty night
sleep tight
xXx Julia 

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