Friday, May 25, 2012

Unboxing my Glossybox - May

Hello Sweethearts,

Yesterday I received my first glossy box ever !!!! Couldn't wait to open it. I decided to only take pictures of it during the unboxing this month. However next month I'm going to start with monthly unboxing these glossyboxes on video.
[I will also unbox it in pictures on my blog if you don't like to watch videos.]
The hints we got for this months glossy box were: Less is more.... &This month we momentous.
It was all about afforable beauty products & that's why their are six items in my box instead of 5.

So this is how the box that came through my mailbox looked like. Because of privacy reasons it's blurry except for a small part so you can still see the design of this adorable box.

And this is what the real glossybox looks like, I love the light pink. I'm for sure going to use this box.

I was over excited and I really wanted to know what was in the box. But when I saw this I couldn't resist taking a picture. It looks super need, I love the bow & the color combination.

To be honest when I saw this I was kind of surprised since I saw a lot of face products.
When you subscribe to their box they ask you a lot of questions to match a box that goes with you. && I have sensitive skin, even though I deny it because I don't like to be sensitive. But I did answer with sensitive skin when they asked the question. Because my fear was to receive a lot of face products that I can't or are afraid to use.  Also skin care products weren't in my top three things I would like to receive the most. [yes they do ask you that question].

However when I unboxed every single item I saw that it wasn't only skin care products that I received, I was relieved.

The first item is the Glisskut ultimate volume mousse. At first I was like hmm... I already got a lot of volume not sure if I'm going to use this but than I read the whole lable and got really excited. It's also a repairing mousse, for damaged hair. It gives volume and repairs your hair. Since the exams started, well actually this whole school year was a lot of stress, I have been losing a lot of hair and volume. And this mouse is perfect to get it back & at the same time repair my hair. Not that my hair is damaged but I like to be one step ahead.
I already used it last night and I like that it doesn't hard on my hair, like mousse use to do.
This baby already replaced my biosilk in my hair routine.

The second item was this Zoeva eyeliner. I have never heard of the brand Zoeva.
I feel like this product is a little bit to personal since it's a different color than black. But I do like the packaging and the fact that it's full size.

I eventually decided to swatch this eyeliner and I do like it. Not sure if I'm going to wear this color a lot but I do like that it's a natural and how it matches my skin. The eyeliner is in the color; Funky soul.

The third item is The Miracle skin perfector by Garnier aka BB cream. I have heard a lot about the BB cream line and I actually really wanted to try a product. I like that they sent it in exactly my skin tone. I already tried it on my hand and I was impressed. [ I also tried it on my acne a little bit and wasn't impressed but  even my Chanel or MAC concealer can't cover that completly up.]

The fourth item is the Maxfactor Masterpiece max high volume & definition Mascara, the mini version of it. I was excited about this one because I have been carrying a big mascara around for a while now and I like to replace it with a better and smaller one. Also I have never tried Maxfactor before. And even though I already have way to many mascara's [half of them are still in packaging I bought them in because their isn't a need to open up mascaras when you still have mascaras that aren't dried out.]

The fifth item are the Face wipes by Dr. van der Hoog. Even though I don't wear a lot of make up lately I was still happy to receive these since my mom & I just run of face wipes. Also these are expensiver than the onces we normally use, haha. I also like how it says; No perfume, parabens and colorants.

The sixth item is the No-ad alo after sun lotion. Not really a lot to say about it. Besides the fact that I was kind of confused when I read the back of this product.

The part ; 'warning: stop use if signs of irritaion or reash appear. Consult a doctor if symptoms persist or accidentally ingested.'  Because I filled in sensitive skin and I'm not sure if this is a good 'gift'  for someone with sensitive skin. But my sister & dad told me that they always put that on products like this. So I'm going to try it out today after I layed in the sun, so far I love the smell. [side note my sister almost bought this last saturday.]

Overall I'm really happy and surprised with this box. I love how they sent me a lot of products that I normally wouldn't buy. And that all of the them, expect the mascara, are full sized.

Can't wait for next month!
Let me know if you want me to review one of
the products.
xXx Julia