Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blush me! [Rose 10] Sephora blush

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm reviewing and swatching one of my first blushes ever.

 It's the Sephora blush in Blush me! Rose number 10.

As you can see it is a three colored blush. You can wear it two [probably also more] ways. What I use to do is put my brush in the blush, make a circle and apply it on my cheeks.
What you could also do is use the dark colour on your cheekbone, the lighter colour on the apples of your cheeks & the light one as a high light.

What I also love is that it's a shimmer pink, the swatch picture doesn't really do justice because it's a lot more pigmanted on top of a foundation && on your face. But the swatches do show the shimmery and colour of the blush.
Another thing I really like about this blush is that you really have to try hard to over do this blush. Which is perfect for beginners.

Have you ever tried a Sephora blush?
What are your thoughts about it?
xXx Julia