Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fudge - Accessorize Nail Polish.

Hello Sweethearts,
I know I tweeted that I would do a haul post again today. But than I applied my new nail polish, that I bought yesterday, to my nails & I couldn't wait to share the pictures. [ Especially after I could barely find swatches or reviews about this nail polish online, I was shocked by the way.]

It's an absolutely lovely colour, the nail polish is called Fudge. It's an true old pink nail polish. I have been looking for an old pink nail polish for over a year now. And I'm super happy I finally found one!

I bought this nail polish at Accessorize, not sure how much it was in euros but it got a big 4 pound sticker on the bottle. At first I was kind of hoping that it would be topshop quality, I'm in love with Topshop nail polishes especially the metallic ones & I still hate myself for not buying tons of them when I was in the UK.

I can say that the quality of this Accessorize nail polish is really good. It applies easy, goes on smooth & dries super quick ! [ I think it's even better than OPI or Sally hansen, not sure why I keep comparing this nail polish with random nail polish brands but yeah.]

It also matches my pink jeans, hihi. I'm for sure going to buy more of these Accessorize nail polishes.

Have you ever tried a nail polish from Accesorize?
&& If you did
which is your favourite one?
xXx Julia

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