Sunday, June 17, 2012

Haul: H&M, Claire's, Lush, Kiko, Life care, Budget & Sale.

Hello Sweethearts,
Yes another weekly haul. I couldn't resist and for some reason I bought a lot!

For some reason a lot of shops had a sale, so most of these items are semi low budget.

This beige dress with bow at the top I got from H&M. It was €17.95 and I got it in size 34. I actually thought it was pink but when I came home I discovered that it's actually beige. I like it alot though.

I also got this super gorgeous glitter bag from H&M. I couldn't believe that it was on sale ! It went from €20 to €10. I'm super in love with it & I already got a few compliments on it.

The inside is also incredible nice. It actually looks like an expensive bag with and H&M lable in it. I can't wait till an upcoming party. I actually bought this bag to bring with me to parties. Which is insane because a month ago I still hated to party and now I bought a bag to take with me! That collage/university party from last Tueasday changed my life, haha !

I also bought this glitter shirt that I had been eyeing for a while. It went from €19.90 to €7, H&M sales are amazing. It was a shame that they didn't have  my favourite glitter sweater on sale, otherwise I would have bought a second one. [ Since they still had it a week ago I thought it would be on sale by now.]

I also went to lush because I almost run out of conditionair. Retread is my favourite lush conditionair so far. I have tried different ones over the past few years but I keep coming back to this one.
Normally when I buy one of the products I regurally use they never give me a sample but this time they give a whole bath bomb.

Rose Queen, they actually asked me what I wanted to try out && I screamed BATH BOM. So yeah.

I can't wait to try this one. If you buy it in the store it's like €5. I may do a review, if you want me to or I feel like reviewing it. [ I still have bath bombs from the last time I bought one so not sure when I'm going to use this one, haha.]

I also went to some sort of budget/euroland kind of store. I never go their, don't really like it. But I spotted this brand called Life care & I have read a review about it before so I was like yeah why not try this out. They're pore strips & each pack was €0.99 & come with six strips. I already used one but upside down because I'm a weirdo like that. I only want to use it once a week since I have a sensitive skin && I may do a review if I really like it -winks-.

I also saw these handy Aloe vera nail polish remover pads. These two are €0.99 together so I was like what the hell and also bought them. Going to carry them around in my bag because nothing annoyes me more than chipped nail polish. && they're without acetone, which is better for your nails.

I also went to Claire's and saw that they sold a lot of robot jewelry. Which made me scream ROBOT through the whole store. I went for this cute little geek guy,  €5.95.

And for a robot with moustache ring. I really wanted a moustache ring or a robot ring and buying a robot with a moustache makes me feel like I have both. The ring was €5.95.

I also bought this huge union jack heart because my sister has an union jack theme party. She is moving to the UK and I'm going to miss her alot. But now I will have a place to visit && call it a vacation. I'm not going on vacation this summer and I'm probably not going on vacation for a really long time. My past two vacations has been less than I week long, something I hated but now wish I could do again.
Blahblahblah. The necklace was €7.95.

Last but not least these gorgeous Kiko nail polishes my sister brought me from Spain. She went to visit a friend && brought me a few gifts. I really really REALLY like the colours. I actually wear the pink one in my owl nail art picture, click here.
I'm going to swatch them all && show the swatches in the upcoming weeks.

So this was my 'little' haul for this week,
Somewhere inside my heart
I hope that I won't have a haul next week.
I feel like I'm going insane !
xXx a Shopaholic.

I mean Julia


  1. nice shopping :)
    love h&m and lush
    cute robots you got there :)
    want to follow each other through GFC?
    have a sunny day

    1. Thanks C:

      Yeah sure I followed your blog through bloglovin'';]

  2. In love with that bag!