Friday, June 1, 2012

Polka dot manicure : Blue with pink & yellow.

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm going to show you my Polka dot manicure.

I'm totally in love with it & ít's inspired by MissJenfabulous her manicure.

Still not sure why the pictures are slightly out of focus because I even asked my sister to take a picture. And she has been using these kind of cameras for years now. & my nails already chipped when I found out that these pictures are slightly out of focus. - sad face-

But non the less you can still see the colors I used & the nails, aren't they fabulous?

This was actually the first time using my new dotting tools. I'm super happy with them and I'm deff planning on doing more nail tutorials with them.

The colors that I used are: Who's the boss [Essie], Royal flush blush [O.P.I.], My boyfriend scales walls [OPI], Shorts story [OPI], Sparrow me the drama [OPI], Eyes of steel [Topshop], Iced strawberry cream [Essence], Guatemala City [W.I.C.] & color 16 [ CR - Care Romeis beauty].

xXx Julia

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