Saturday, June 2, 2012

Primark haul

Hello Sweethearts,
Yesterday I went shopping with my sweet 'little' sister. She asked me if I wanted to come with her to Primark. So that's what we did. Even though the shop was filled with a lot of annoying people we still had a good time & I still managed to score some nice stuff.

In the picture above I literally show everything I bought. Even the Ned flanders shirt I bought for my dad & my new batman underwear, hihi.

So I finally found some pearl earstuds, I have been looking for a pair since I lost one of my other pair. These are only €1.50 and to be honest I'm only using the first pair. Not sure what I'm going to do with the others though.... I have had earstuds from Primark before & they're really good, never broke never lost them & they barely lost color. So I'm curious if these are as good as my other ones.

I also scored a pair of grey glitter socks. They look like the ones I got from H&M only less glittery and they're only €2 !

I also got two packs of refreshing hand wipes for €1.50 & I love the packaging. I'm curious if they have different smells. [ I always carry a pack in my bag, last time I got them from H&M with less wipes & for one pound but an unbelievable nice scent.]

I also got this cute blue top & since I already showed the full top in the first picture I decided to show the nice details of this top.

I'm not sure if I'm going to wear this top alot but I think you will probably see it in one of my fashion posts - winks-. It looks different on me than I thought it would. The top was €11.

I also saw this multi cross necklace & my sister wears a lot of cross necklaces so I pointed it out to her & she bought it [for €3] & because it's so nice I thought I would also share it with you !

So this was everything I got,
xXx Julia

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