Monday, June 25, 2012

Tumbler haul: Starbucks & Glitzyglam

Hello Sweethearts,
I may not have spend any money this weekend but that doesn't mean I didn't receive a package! [ By the way I'm super proud of myself for not spending any money!] So a lot of you might not know but I'm obsessedwith tumblers. I can't life without them & that's why I bought two of them.

This is the one I bought more than a week ago at starbucks. & the one I ordered on glitzyglam arrived on saturday.

I for real love the pink wrapping!

It also came with a sweet little note.

&& this is the tumbler, I'm in love with the design! I haven't used it yet though. But I will probably use this one to bring with me to school & stuff like that. & the one from starbucks I already put next to my bed. I can't sleep without some water next to me, you never know when you get tirsty, hihi.

And this is a picture of all the thumblers we have at home at the moment. The one on the left is from my sister. I love to put it next to my tumbler because of the different logo's.

What are your thoughts about tumblers?
Do you own one?
xXx Julia

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