Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beautiful blogger award


Thank the person that nominated you and link to their blog:

I want to thank Laura for nominating me. She is one of my favourite bloggers && you should deff check her blog out !

Tell us how the ida of making a blog popped up and what makes you continue it?

This is kind of a long story. It  began when I was 10 or 12 & there was this hype around one blog who everone followed. So I convinced my friends to also make a blog. I'm not sure if we did it in english or another language. What I do know is that it's still up even though we stopped after a few posts & that it was called Girls with a solution. It wasn't very good.
Than when I was 16 I started to make youtube videos. At one point a lot of youtube 'gurus' made a blog to go with their youtube channel.
One day I decided to also make a blog to go along with my youtube channel. I used my 'business' email to set up this blog. Only to discover that I already did an attempt to make one. I deleted everything and I worked on it a whole sunday.
After that I didn't really use my blog alot, I only listed the items I wore in my fashion videos on this blog.
For some reason I started to read a lot of blogs at one point & before I knew it I was also blogging a lot myself.
That's also when I discovered that I like this a lot better than youtube, no offence youtube. Because the people are nicer & it's easier to do. I don't have to set up a camera, focus it & make sure the lighting is correct. I don't have to edit, which I do love to do but it takes a lot of time. && uploading is pain in the ass.
I'm planning to continue blogging & combinate it with youtube. To get the best of both.

Describe a usual day in your life.

My usual day kind of changed since I graduated  [I'm going to continue studying.]
Normally I woke up pretty earily, watch Philip Defranco & wrote a blog post. Went to school, came back from school. Read some blogs & did home work. On Wednesdays & Thursdays I do Yoga & Pilates.
Now I don't have school so I'm not sure how my usual day would look like, besides posting one blog post a day.

On Saturdays I always go shopping with my dad & we eat something at La Ruche.
&& on Sundays I use to do homework.

The best collaboration with a blogger.

Is that the same as a collaboration with a youtuber? Cause the youtubers I have done a collaboration with also blog. [ I did a swap video with Chantelle & as fas as I can remember I only did a collaboration look with Ochie && that was loads of fun!]

The worst collaboration with a blogger.

I think I should be more collaborating to experience a worse collaboration.

Describe what having a blog means to you

It means sharing my knowledge & obession for Beauty & Fashion with everyone who wants to read it. But it also means letting my girly side come out, which I probably won't if I didn't have a blog.

Nominate five other bloggers:

I actually would have nominated Laura if she wasn't nominated already.

I also want to nominated: Jordy , Amy , Henriette , Shannon & Writing Beauty.


  1. yay I can't wait to do this! I will tweet you when it's up :D xx

  2. You're very welcome, you deserve the award!

    Its been lovely to read your reply :)

    Do you still have your youtube account? I can't find a link to it on your page, or have you stopped youtubing completely now?

    Laura xx

    1. Just as I finished writing that comment I've noticed your youtube channel in the links section! Ignore me haha xx

  3. Thank you very much Julia ! :D xx