Monday, July 16, 2012

Essence: Eyebrow stylist set && Lash & brow gel mascara

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm going to review two products that I have been using for over six years, SIX YEARS ! Insane. I do have to admit that their was a period I didn't use it.
I have repurchase these two products more than three times, so I also hit pan with the more than three times. [which is my record]
I remember buying the Eyebrow stylist set and Lash & brow gel mascara for the first time ever. I also bought essences eyebrow pencil & used them all on my eyebrows. I was super obsessed with my eyebrows for some reason. [ I don't use the eyebrow pencil any more & I never repurchased it.]

Essence Lash & brow gel mascara is very good. A lot of people think it's weird that I use a see through mascara on my eyebrows but to be honest it's a life saver. I always carry one in my bag. All I have to do is shape my eyebrows & they stay that way the whole day.
I don't feel that I'm wearing anything on my eyebrows. && no one ever notices me wearing eyebrow gel.
The Lash & brow gel mascara is only €1.85 and one of my most repurchased make up items ever !

Essence Eyebrow stylist set is very good too, very pigmented.  The eyebrow stylist set is €1.49.

Here are the swatches, I didn't try hard at all that's how pigmented they are.

The eyebrow stylist set comes with two colours, a brush, instructions & three templats. I can't remember  me reading the instructions. But I can remember me using the brush which is a total No No. It makes your eyebrows way to dark. I prefer to use a eyebrow brush instead, it also looks more natural.

These are the three templats that also come with this eyebrow stylist set. I first thought I wasn't going to review these.
Because the first time I bought this set I used them the wrong way. I only coloured my eyebrows with them. I didn't use the coloured part of my eyebrows as guideline for where to remove hair. Must have looked so silly!

The second time I tried them I plugged my eyebrows way to much without them. So I barely had brow left to pluck.

After that I had a period in which I didn't use these at all. I also was, still am, against plucking eyebrows. Cause at one point they won't grow back & I don't want to look silly with uneven plucked eyebrows when I'm older. Also wild and hairy eyebrows were  in style.

Yesterday night was the third time I used them. I know I'm still against plucking but I was like why not give them a try.

My natural eyebrows.

My eyebrows after I coloured them with the stylist set & templat.

My eyebrows after I plucked them && removed the colour. So what do you think?