Saturday, July 14, 2012

Essence Magnetic nail polish & Magnet: Magic wand! & Magic star!

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm reviewing the Magnetic nail polish & Magnet by Essence.
I remember when the first magnetic nail polish came out, not by essence but in general. I was like no, that's nothing for me. I can't actually remember which brand was first but I can remember seeing a instruction video. & a month later everyone had magntic nails.
At one point Barry M came with their collection && I saw the amazing star effect. That was when I started to think. & when I saw that Essence had a similiar one I was like why not try this!
Especially because Essence isn't expensive at all.

I of course decided to go for Magic star! because I fell in love with the star effect in the first place. I decided to go with Magic wand! because I like pink metallics && I would also wear this without magnetic effect.
Magic wand! : €1.99
Magic star!: €1.79

I really like the packaging the magnet comes in. Especially the whole instruction in pictures.

This is the magnet without the packaging.

You can actually see the magnet in this thing.

&& this is a picture of the nail polish. As you can see no magnetic effect at all. && literally tried ever thing. [especially after the picture, cause when I took it I was like haha this is going to be the picture to show with out the magnetic effect. To show how gorgeous the nail polish is by itself.]

I have tried; thin layer, thick layer, double layer, without base coat, with base coat, fridge magnet, extra clean nails. && nothing worked.

I eventually decided to use the fridge magnet to see which of the two didn't respond. As you can see in the picture above the nail polish did respond.
The magnet also responded to the fridge magnet. So my conclusion so far is that the Magic wand! & the Magic star! aren't a good combination.
But because I wanted to be sure I decided to order Barry M Magntic Blue nail polish.

I will try the Essence magnet out on the Barry M nail polish & I will try the Barry M magnet out on the Essence nail polish.

What are your thoughts on Essence Magnetic nail polish & Magnet?


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    Essence Magnetic nail polish & Magnet: Magic wand! & Magic star!