Sunday, July 22, 2012

Genius in a bottle [Catrice] VS Just spotted the lizard! [OPI]

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm going to compare Genius in a bottle by Catrice with Just spotted the Lizard! by OPI. Since I own them both && I have only seen comparisment reviews with the Chanel version of this nail polish. I think this comparisment is a lot more realistic because Chanel & OPI are both expensive & Catrice is 'very' cheap. Also Catrice has this one in their permanent line.

First things first, obviousely.
I'm  wearing Genius in a bottle on my index and ring finger. I wear Just spotted the Lizard! on my middle finger & pinkie.
In the pictures with the Catrice bottle I used sunlight. & in the picture with the OPI bottle I used a flash.

Also in real life the nail polish was a lot more blue than in the pictures, for some reason I couldn't capture it on picture.

To be very honest the biggest different I could find between the nail polishes must have been the price. The OPI one was €13-something. While I got the Catrice one in a 2 for €3 sale, on it's own it would have been €2,49.

Another different is the application. Catrice has a bigger brush than OPI which makes it easier to apply.

And the last different is that the Catrice one has a more copper glow while the OPI one is more gold.

Both nail polishes are the same when it comes to the whole blue-effect. The rounder your nails are the more the blue will show up. It's just like the bottles, the rounder the bottle the more the nail polish looks blue.
I wouldn't recommend people with very flat nails to wear this nail polish because it would just look like you put on gold-copperish nail polish instead of something special.
I have read a lot of reviews of people saying the whole blue-effect isn't good. For real it's very good but it just doesn't work when your nails aren't that round.

Have you tried Just spotted the Lizard!
Genius in a bottle?
What are your thoughts??