Sunday, July 29, 2012

Haul: H&M, Revlon, Essence, Magazines & More

Hello Sweethearts,
Today another HAUL ! I'm actually really surprised by how much I bought this week, haha. It was way to hot outside to actually do something.  Let's start with an item I actually asked your advice for.

These gorgeous Bordeaux pants from H&M. I tweeted/instragammed this picture && I got a lot of positive reactions, thanks for your advice by the way -winks-.
These pants are only €9.95. I actually got them a size to small, normally I buy my pants in size 36 but this one I got in 34.

This week the Revlon lipbutters were realised in my country for the first time ever. && Of course I had to take a look. Sadly Cotton candy was already sold out! && I actually have to wait till August before the store gets the next shipment. So I went for another gorgeous colour, Peach Parfait. I will review this lipbutter upcoming Tuesday!
The lipbutter cost: €10.54

I also got the Stay all day cream eyeshadow by Essence for only €1.40. I always wanted to try these but never knew which color to choose. So I eventually went with Stars & Stories because I wanted a metallic silver eyeshadow. So far I don't regret buying this beauty.

I also wanted some magazines && I decided to try out a new one, Bazaar. As far as I know I have never read this one before, but I can't be sure.
So far I'm also not sure if it's a magazine for me.

The freebie I got with this magazine was a Leighton Denny nail polish. I have always wanted to try this brand. At first I wasn't impressed with the colors they selected for the freebies. But than when I walked outside I saw that I choose a coral pink!
 I have been looking for a coral pink nail polish the whole spring & summer. For some reason the people at the stores just kept giving me an orange coral colour. Which I think is weird because coral is a kind of red who can both be orange or pink.

I also thought it would be funny to include my horoscope for this month.

Another magazine I got was Cosmopolitan. I have read this one a few times before but never really liked it. Since I saw a lot of good reviews lately I decided to give this magazine another chance. Still not sure if I like it though.

The freebie with this magazine was a gorgeous nail polish by Missguided. I really like the box it came in! I got the colour Misstify.

I also decided to share this magazines horoscope, hihi.

I also bought some random hair elastics because I needed them.

&& a lot of mints.

Because for some reason I felt like one box of mints wasn't enough.

&& last but not least I also ordered a book on I have been wanting to read this one for a while now. It's considered one of the first Science fiction books && it's written by Christiaan Huygens in 1698.

This was my haul for today.
Let me know if you want me to review any of these items.
I will probably swatch the nail polishes somewhere next week.
Thanks for reading


  1. Can you do a review/swatch post on the essence creme shadow?

  2. i love the purple pants do an ootd please

  3. i miss reading bazaar magazine :-) like the pants !