Saturday, July 28, 2012

Khaki Perry by Catrice.

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm showing you the swatches of Khaki Perry by Catrice.  This nail polish is part of the permanent line.
I bought this nail polish because I have always wanted to try something from the brand Catrice. But I couldn't decide since I feel like I already own most of the colours or I would never wear it. Than my sister pointed out Khaki Perry. In the bottle it looks like a light greenish-silverish metallic nail polish.
I love metallics && for sure wanted to try out this one!

On the picture it looks more like a regular silver but in real life it has an olive green shine to it. It's also a lot softer in real life. I actually really like this colour, it's quite unique.

The first picture is with sunlight && the second picture is with flash. I only applied two coats. The nail polishes dried normal -> kind of quick. && the brush made it really easy to apply.

What's your favourite Catrice nail polish?


  1. Very pretty colour! :) xx

  2. This colour is stunning! Thank you so much for your kind comment :)You have a great blog!