Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lip product Tuesday: MUA lipbalm Sweet kiss

Hello Sweethearts,
Todays Lip product Tuesday is the MUA Lipbalm in Sweet kiss.

I really like the packaging of this cute lipbalm.

I love the format of this lipbalm, it's pretty big but yet small in comparesment with other lipbalms. Another thing I like about this lipbalm is the scent. It's not strong it's more natural but yet sweet. Most lipbalms have a very strong scent or non at all but this one is somewhere in between.

This lipbalm comes in different colors, at first I was like why? it looks pretty see through. But as you can see from the swatch above it's actually a tinted lipbalm. It's slightly light pink.

My bare lips without the lipbalm.

My lips with the lipbalm. Isn't it gorgeous?

My overall thought about this lipbalm is that if they sold it in the stores in my country I would probably buy the whole collection.
MUA is one of the brands that not only proves me but the world that cheap doesn't have to be crap. If you know what I mean. I'm really happy that Chantelle introducte me with this brand && I will probably buy more!

What are your thoughts about MUA?
Have you tried their lipbalms?