Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lip product Tuesday: Revlon colorburst Lip butter Peach Parfait

Hello Sweethearts,
This Tuesday I'm reviewing Revlon's lip butter in the color Peach Parfait.

I have always wanted to try Revlon's lip butters thanks to the reviews of Jordy & many more. && since last week they're also available in my country. I decided to go with Peach Parfait because I like the color & Cotton Candy was sold out.. Yes I wanted to try Cotton candy so badly, clearly I wasn't the only one.

I really like the packaging of this lipbutter. When I showed it to my mom she was like: 'That's a REAL revlon packaging.'  I love that she recognized the packaging.

I would descripe this color as a nude with a hint of pink & glitter.

This is the swatch, as you can see it's pretty light. The more layers you apply the more visible it will be.

My bare lips.

&& with the Lip butter on. I really like the colour it's so natural.
I also love that this lip butter feels like a lipbalm & that you can't over do it. I'm always afraid that I over do my lipstick.

I actually swatched the whole lip butter collection in the store on my hand. && I decided to take a picture & share it with you. The only not so smart part is that I forgot all the names. Except the swatch closes to my index finger is Peach Parfait & the light pink in the lower row is Cotton Candy.

What's your favourite Lip butter?
Which one would you advice me to try?

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  1. I went to revlon and checked out lip butter when it came out but most of the colors I like are sold out! thanks for the swatch (even if there is no names) Im thinking of going back and buying a nice coral shade. I also love Loreal vit e lipsticks. mY lips never gets dry!